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The Fulcrum Trader videos were updated in 2010 and the same concepts apply in today’s markets because traders are still entering their trades at the Bid or at the Ask. The only difference is that more trading platforms are beginning to offer Cumulative Delta as a standard charting type.

As one customer puts it:

I’m coming down the home stretch on completing the CDVA course from Chris and have found it just enormously valuable while answering so many questions I’ve had on how to correct trade entry, exit and management problems that have kept coming up. Light bulbs going off and “AHA” moments have been quite plentiful throughout the course so far. CDVA seems like the key to the vault when properly employed with price action, tick market breadth, etc. I wish I had known about this 10 years ago! Once I’m through the course I will follow-up with you on any other questions that may come up from it.

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