Here is the FACT: supply and demand move the markets, and so our question to you is: what in your trading arsenal enables you to gauge the TRUE supply and demand in the market at any moment?

The FulcrumTrader group has found, like many of you, that price action alone only tells a portion of the overall story behind current and potential price movements. Notice the blue lines drawn highlighting the divergence between price in the upper pane and volume in the lower pane…


Real-time DELTA Volume Analysis clearly displays the conviction in the order flow and who is in control at any moment…..BUYERS or SELLERS.

The FulcrumTrader group tracks the real-time Delta volume to look for building zones of resting inventory (accumulation) that frequently cause dynamic price reactivity. Tracking these zones of resting inventory creates clear areas from which to initiate high probability trades…over any time frame.

Here’s another example.

Look at this double bottom at the low of the price chart, and then the Volume Delta below it. There are 32,000 more long contracts than short at the low. What would you do?



Hopefully you’d look to go long!

Certainly not every trade is this clear cut. There is ALWAYS risk, but it’s a simple question that can be asked and answered: Are we net long or net short at the low? Can you begin to see why KNOWING the key zones to initiate trades from, and the PRECISE moment to enter that trade is EMPOWERING to you as a trader?

Why empowering?

Because the surefire way to empower yourself AND improve your peace of mind trading the markets is to utilize a method that makes logical, data-driven sense!

Tracking volume levels of resting inventory and initiating your trades by observing the imbalances of supply and demand in the order flow is such an approach

Here’s an hour long in-depth webinar that explains how we use Delta volume analysis..
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The FulcrumTrader group has, through struggle and study, developed an elegant decision tool and a methodology that has shifted us away from the typical “off the shelf” dead-end trading approaches. Our supply and demand tracking paradigm using DELTA studies will begin to shift your mindset into a different, but rewarding realm, all by design, to challenge your beliefs about the PRICE/VOLUME relationship.

Making a living trading is a supremely challenging endeavor, BUT if you’re determined and committed to become a profitable, professional electronic trader, we invite you join us. Click here to learn about our Daily Alerts.

As you begin to find value there, then click here to dive into the Delta Volume Analysis Course and get the edge of a true Supply and Demand trader! If you’d still like gather more information, Click for numerous videos explaining the cumulative delta concepts and how we implement them in our approach.

All the best to you…in life and trading!

The FulcrumTrader Group

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