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Welcome to the Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis Course.

Take a moment to scroll down and see the course lessons and the bonus materials. We’ve put 33 videos with over 17 hours of material in here! It may at first seem a bit overwhelming. Pace yourself and give yourself permission to absorb the material in an easy manner. To really achieve a solid understanding of any subject, accelerated learning expert Colin Rose has found 60 to 90 minutes per day with 5-10 breaks every 25-30 minutes on a consistent basis far superior than an attempting to cram materials in a marathon session.

If you want a quick start on the major setups, watch the basic delta divergence criteria, inventory grab criteria, and the hidden divergence criteria videos followed by the NYSE scalp videos in the first bonus section. This will give you an idea of what we’re talking about during the day in the Alerts Access Daily Chat room. Then grab a notebook and start with the first lesson. Taking notes will engage various parts of your brain and help in the learning process. This is not a race. It is an attempt learn how to gauge supply and demand in the market and profit from it.

You come to the course with your own level of experience, perceptions, biases and filters as we all do and some ideas will make sense immediately and others may take more time because you need to see them play out in the markets. Martial arts masters recommend a minimum of 300 repetitions for basic memorization to as many as 10,000 repetitions for mastery. While we’re not practicing a martial art, exposure to these market events is what leads to mastery of these concepts. To that end we have also included in the Alerts Archive section even more footage from the Alerts Access daily chat room.

As you’re watching the videos, challenge yourself to see the full supply and demand picture. Notice how certain concepts in the scalp videos tie in to the basic three setup criteria. Notice where market participants have over-committed to their positions and become nervous when price moves against them and forces them to stop out of their positions. These examples and more will become apparent as you become proficient.

To your success,

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